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July 4, 2008
Celebrating the 4th of July
at Ron Mathis's House


Well, another July 4th has rolled around and, has become our tradition in any year when Ron Mathis has not gone home to Arkansas, he and his partner, Jay Enriquez, are hosting July 4th at their house.

This year, they've invited quite a few people, so here is the guest list:

  Ron and Jay
  Denny Milne
  Larry French
  Lou (Acevedo)
  Chris (Young)
  Fred and myself
  Our friend from Grand Prairie

Ron and Jay live in Plano- very suburban. It is about fifteen miles from my house- up the Tollway to I-635, around to US 75, north to Parker, west to Roundrock, north to Glenhaven and finally west to their house. They've lived there for quite some time; actually, Ron and Chris moved there in the early 1990s.

Also as usual, Jay and Ron have outdone themselves in the preparations, putting on quite a spread of hor d'oeuvres and doing hamburgers and hot dogs on their patio grill. This time, we've all tried to do our part as well, and each person has brought a dish of some kind to add to the menu.

One of the best things about having these celebrations at Ron's house is that it is such a good house for entertaining- what with the pool and spa outside and the pool table inside and all the room to move around. I guess it is a little unfair that we always seem to congregate there; that is why Fred and I try to take them out at least every other time we are there.

The party this Friday was an excellent one. Fred Fred and I arrived early to play some pool and yak with Ron and Jay, and the rest of the crew arrived during the next hour, until everyone was there conversing, filling up on hors d'oeuvres, playing pool and just hanging out. Since July 4th this year backed up to a weekend, everyone could stay as late as they wanted. Only Larry and Denny, having another party to go to in the evening, left early. Chris stayed quite a while, but he, too, left a bit early, so he wouldn't be overly tired driving home.

Fred and I, as we usually do, stayed the latest, to play some cards with Ron and Jay after everyone else had left.

I completely forgot to bring my camera, but fortunately Fred did bring his, and so all these pictures are from his camera, although I borrowed it a couple of times just to get him in a few pictures. The pictures don't need much description, so I'll just give you a list of thumbnails and short captions for each of them; to view the full-size image, just click on the appropriate thumbnail.

Ron is cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs on his patio grill. He also has a smoker for barbecue. He and Jay do a lot of grilling on his patio, they tell us.

Lou, Denny and Larry are sitting at the bar between the kitchen (where Fred is) and the living room, conversing. The pool table used to be in this room, but Ron and Jay recently moved it into what was the living room, as they find this brighter room a better one for relaxing and watching TV.

Ron and myself and Chris Young are sitting in the pool room, and Chris is telling us about how his chemotheraphy treatments are going. He is thin and tired, but the treatments seem to have been effective.

Myself and Chris talking in the pool room.

Our friend and Ron in the other corner of the pool room, listening to the conversation that Chris and I are having.

Larry, Lou and Denny sharing a laugh.

Jay working his magic in the kitchen.

Ron, myself and Chris in the pool room.

Ron and Jay getting everything set up for serving in their kitchen.

Our friend serving himself in the kitchen. Jay always does buffet style.

Larry, Lou and Fred are just getting ready to go into the "buffet" and serve themselves.

Denny, Chris and Fred.

The buffet laid out in the kitchen.

Jay, Lou and myself chatting at the kitchen table after we'd finished eating.

Lou, Jay, myself and Denny at the kitchen table after dinner.

Ron and I playing pool.

Me sizing up a shot.

Ron and I playing pool.


The Fourth of July party was a success, and everyone enjoyed themselves. I got quite a few leftovers to take home. Fred and I stayed for quite a while playing pool, having a drink, and then playing some hearts.

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