December 25, 2010: Christmas Day at Steve and Mario's
November 18-28, 2010: Our Fall Trip to TN/GA/SC/NC
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December 9-12, 2010:
Christmas in Natchitoches, LA
with Justin and Gary



Last December, Fred and I stopped to see Justin and Gary in Natchitoches for the first time. The two of them have been restoring the house left to Justin by his grandmother, and we had a really good time. This year, they have invited us to come over to Natchitoches again for a dual purpose. First, they wanted us to experience the famous Natchitoches Christmas Lights celebration; it was made most famous in the movie "Steel Magnolias." Second, the two of them were preparing their house for the Christmas tour, and wanted our help in getting things ready. We were more than pleased to help out and also experience the Christmas season in this historic town.

Although this was a relatively short trip, we did so much that I am going to once again organize the pictures that Fred and I took in the same way I have organized other major vacation trips in this album- by giving you an index into the various segments (days) of the trip.

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I am going to divide our trip to Natchitoches into four different album pages- one for each day of the trip, beginning with Thursday, December 9th and ending with Sunday, December 12th. In the Master Index, you will find a link that will take you directly to each of these album pages. I expect you'll just want to begin with the first link, but you can start with any of them.

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Thursday, December 9      Getting to Nachitoches/Arrival
Friday, December 10      Decorating Soldini House
     The Natchitoches Christmas Lights
Saturday, December 11      Preparing for the Soldini House Tour
     At the Steel Magnolia House
     The American Cemetery
     Soldini House Tour
     Natchitoches Christmas Fireworks
     Evening at Soldini House
Sunday, December 12      A Tour of Steel Magnolia House
     Our Suite at Steel Magnolia House
     Visiting with Justin and Gary
     Our Trip Home