November 25 - December 31: The Holidays in Dallas and North Carolina
October 9-10: A Weekend at Meadow Lakes Resort
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October 20-24, 1993
Big Bend National Park, TX
At Frank and Joe's in Leakey, TX

Fred and I had planned our last hiking trip of the year for this weekend, and Fred and I have each arranged for vacation days on Thursday and Friday- giving us Wednesday night and four full days.
October 20-21 Fort Davis / Camping in Big Bend NP
October 22 The Window Trail / Boquillas Canyon / Rio Grande Hot Springs
October 23 The Lost Mine Trail / The Drive to Leakey, TX
October 24 At Frank and Joe's in Leakey, TX

Fred came down on Wednesday afternoon, bringing the camping gear; I had laid in supplies, and we loaded the truck and took off for Big Bend National Park. Fred has been to Big Bend before, and had already talked with me about the various hikes we would do when there. He had also coordinated with Frank Roberts and Joe Wells, our friends from Leakey, Texas, and they were going to meet us at Big Bend on Thursday afternoon.

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