July 21-26: A Trip to Fort Lauderdale
June 5-8, 1993: Hiking in the Guadalupe Mountains
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July 11-13, 1992
A Long Weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico


All throughout the early part of the Summer Greg had been talking about having to be in Santa Fe for a meeting and wanting me or Fred and me to come out and meet him. He had also been talking about buying some land there and building a house. I wasn't so sure he would actually do that, but his meeting did come to pass, and Fred and I made arrangements to fly out there on Southwest Airlines on Saturday, July 11th. Fred and I planned to take Monday off to make a three-day weekend. Fred's vacation days are pretty flexible, and I was still working on the EDS project at home, so it was easy to get the days.

July 11 The El Farolito B&B
Historic Santa Fe
Art Galleries on Canyon Road
July 12 Taos, New Mexico
The Rio Grande Gorge
July 13 Bandelier National Monument
The Jemez Mountains

This is the second or third time in this photo album that I took too many pictures during a single trip to put them all on one page, as the page would become unwieldy and take too long to load. So I will use again the practice of having this index page into the trip, and then a separate physical web page for each day of it.

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