September 8-12: A Visit Home to North Carolina
June 22-26: A Summer Trip to CO, NM and UT
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July 21-24, 1993
A Trip to Arkansas


Our trips this summer and fall are going to be short ones- two out West and one in nearby Arkansas. This is the index page for the second of these trips- our three day trip to Arkansas.

July 21-22 Hot Springs / The Buffalo River Canyon
Cave Mountain Cave
July 23 Lost Valley / Eden Falls / Eden Cave
Hiking Along the Buffalo River
July 24 Eureka Springs / Hurricane Caverns

Fred prefers to take his vacation days in multiple groups throughout the year, and so far we've been able to combine them with weekends for these trips. At some point, Dallas being a day's drive from most of what we want to do in the west, we may have to take longer blocks, but for now we are getting used to each other on these trips. This trip will stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a number of caves in the state, the Buffalo River and Eureka Springs. Unlike our last trip out West, we won't be camping on this one.

To follow us along on this trip, just click on any of the day links at right, and then go page to page (day to day) through the trip, returning here after the last day so you can continue on through the album.