November 2-15, 1995: A Visit Home to North Carolina
October 21, 1995: A Visit to the Dallas Arboretum
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October 25-29, 1995
Our Fall Trip to Arkansas



For our Fall trip for this year, we had been talking about returning to Arkansas and doing some of the hiking that we had not done on our trip two years earlier. This time, we were going to head North from Van Alstyne, go through Oklahoma, and then arrive in Arkansas in the northwestern part of the state. This would afford us easy access to not only the Buffalo River, but also to some of the state parks that lie close to it.

We planned to stop at Petit Jean State Park near Morrilton, Arkansas, along the Buffalo River, and at Blanchard Springs. This would be, except for the first night, purely a camping trip. But Fred had things planned pretty well, as there would be showers every place we camped.


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Thursday, October 26
        Getting to Arkansas
        About Petit Jean State Park
        The Seven Hollows Trail
        The Cedar Creek Trail

Friday, October 27
        The Cedar Falls Overlook
        The Pedestal Rocks Trail

Saturday, October 28
        Camping at the Buffalo National River
        The Indian Rockhouse Trail
        Blanchard Caverns

Sunday, October 29
        The North Sylamore Creek Trail
        Home to Dallas