July 11-13, 2013: A Visit to San Antonio
May 19, 2013: A Bike Ride to Klyde Warren Park
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May 26 - June 1, 2013:
A Trip to South Dakota



For a couple of months now, Fred and I and Ron and Prudence have been planning a trip to South Dakota- mostly to visit with Guy in Chamberlain, but also to see some of the sights around Rapid City and the Badlands. Fred and I will be driving up on May 26th; Prudence and Ron will be starting out after their weekend guests leave on Monday the 27th, and they will join Fred, Guy and I in Rapid City on the 28th. Fred and I will head home on June 1, Saturday, while Ron and Prudence will stay one more night with Guy and head back to San Antonio on June 2nd. Guy has to be in Milwaukee Sunday evening anyway, so that's why we aren't staying longer. As I have done with other major trips, I'll have an album page for each day of the trip, and this page will contain the index for those individual pages. If you have used one of these indexes before in my album, you can skip the explanation of how it is organized and used if you will click



Using the Index

We took hundreds of pictures and movies during our stays in South Dakota, so I have had to find a good way to organize them so that they are not simply overwhelming (and so the album pages don't take too long to load). For this trip, I'll simply have a page for each day (incorporating the drive up into our first full day there, and the drive back into our last day there).

In this index, you'll find a link that will take you to each of the separate album pages for the individual days of our trip to South Dakota. For each of these links, I'll provide a capsule description of the things we did that day so you can look at the things that might interest you. If you are just looking through this album linearly, and want to go through the whole trip day to day, then simply use the first link and start there.

When you get to one of the daily pages, you will see the same familiar buttons at the top and bottom of each page that will take you to the next day, the previous day or back to this index. Near the top of the day pages, you may also find a set of links that will enable you to jump to a specific activity that occurred on that day (or a specific group of pictures), should you wish to look at something specific. To simply look through the entire page, just scroll up or down (you can always scroll by topics that might not interest you). Within a page, the activity sections are in time sequence, top to bottom.

When you are done looking at the pictures from our trip to South Dakota, please use one of the "RETURN" buttons that appear at the top and bottom of every day page to return to this index. Then, use the link that you will see there to return to the top of this page so you can continue back and forth through the photograph album.

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures from South Dakota. To access the Master Index, please click


























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Monday, May 27 Driving to Grand Island, NE (5/26)
With Guy in Chamberlain, SD (5/27)
      Driving to Chamberlain
      The Rectory at St. James Church
      Chamberlain Overlook
      Lewis and Clark Cemetery
Tuesday, May 28 The Drive to Rapid City
In Custer, SD
Dinner in Rapid City
Mt. Rushmore
Wednesday, May 29 In Custer State Park
Crazy Horse National Monument
In Custer, SD
Thursday, May 30 Wall Drug
The Badlands
Dinner in Chamberlain
Chamberlain Overlook
Friday, May 31 St. Joseph's Indian School
Guy's Church Circuit
Saturday, June 1 St. James Church
The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD