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May 9-13, 2016:
A Trip to Big Bend National Park



For quite some time now, Prudence and Ron have been talking with us about their next trip out to Big Bend. Usually, they, her sister and husband and Guy go out there every other year or so. This time, they have again asked us to join them, and we had decided some months ago that we would. We knew that the Ruckmans and Gleims might not want to do all the hiking that Fred and I might, but then we thought that we and Guy might split off occasionally to do our own thing. So Prudence started doing the planning, and with Karl's online help, got reservations made for hotels in Marathon and Fort Davis- two rooms for them, a room for us and a room for Guy.

(L-R) Prudence, myself, Fred, Karl, Ron, Vickie, Mike and Nancy

Then Guy's plans changed and he needed to spend the summer near his family in Connecticut, and he had to back out of the trip. This left us with no hiking partner (or so we thought) and Prudence with an extra room. We didn't think of changing our own minds about going, though; we thought that we would just do as much as everyone else wanted to, even if it meant some of the longer hikes might go unhiked. For the extra room, Prudence invited Mike and Vickie, a couple they know from Wimberley, a few miles north of San Antonio; Mike was a member of Ron's poker group.

The plans Prudence made had us staying for two nights in Marathon, Texas and then two nights at Indian Lodge, the lodge within the boundaries of Fort Davis State Park. We would work in two days in Big Bend National Park, an outing to McDonald Observatory, a tour of Fort Davis National Historic Site as well as other shorter side trips.

Fred and I would drive his car out to Marathon on May 9th, hooking up at the Gage Hotel there with the other six folks who had driven in two cars- Mike and Vickie from Wimberley and Ron, Prudence, Nancy and Karl from San Antonio.

I'd like to mention right off that Fred and I thought we might be the only extended hikers, but this turned out not to be true. Everyone did quite a bit of walking and climbing, and Prudence even took Jax along on some of the hikes where animals were allowed. We never found ourselves wanting to get off on our own, save for one hike that Mike, Fred and I took in the Chisos Basin on the Lost Mine Trail. Everyone kept up with everyone else, and it was an extremely enjoyable trip.

As I have done with other major trips, I'll have an album page for each day of this one, and this page will contain the index for those individual pages. If you have used one of these indexes before in my album, you can skip the explanation of how it is organized and used and go directly to the index itself by clicking



Using the Index

We took hundreds of pictures and movies during our trip to Big Bend, so I have had to find a good way to organize them so that they are not simply overwhelming (and so the album pages don't take too long to load). For this trip, I'll simply have a page for each day, beginning with our drive to Marathon on May 9th.

In this index, you'll find a link that will take you to each of the separate album pages for the individual days of our trip to Big Bend. For each of these links, I'll provide a capsule description of the things we did that day so you can look at the things that might interest you. If you are just looking through this album linearly, and want to go through the whole trip day to day, then simply use the first link and start there.

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Monday, May 9 The Trip to Marathon
The Gage Hotel
The Gage Gardens
Dinner at the Gage
Tuesday, May 10 Morning Walk in Marathon
Boquillas Canyon
The Chisos Basin
The Lost Mine Trail
Alpine Dinner/The Star Party
Wednesday, May 11 Santa Elena Canyon
The Terlingua Ghost Town
The Lajitas Resort
Thursday, May 12 The Indian Lodge Resort
Fort Davis Historic Site
Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center