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May 26 - June 1, 2017: A Week in Prague, Czech Republic
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June 1-4, 2017:
A Visit to Istanbul, Turkey


Fred and I have spent five days in Berlin with the gang, and five days in Prague with my niece, Jeffie. Back when we planned this trip, and told Jeffie we'd be going to Istanbul after Prague, she made plans to come over for our next-to-last day to walk around the city with us. We left Prague on the morning of June 1, arriving in Istanbul in early afternoon. We spent the rest of that day and all of the next on our own in the city, and then spent June 3 with Jeffie. We headed home on June 4.

Thursday, June 1 Traveling to Istanbul; Taksim Square; Istiklal Street; Along the Bosphorus; The Golden Horn
Friday, June 2 Dolmabahçe Palace; Lunch and the Transit System; The Walls of Constantinople
Saturday, June 3 Gulhane Park; Topkapi Palace; Council Street; The Hagia Sophia; Sultan Ahmet Park; The Blue Mosque; The Hippodrome; The Spice Bazaar; A Bosphorus Cruise
Sunday, June 4 The Nippon Hotel; Taksim Gezi Park; The Cats of Istanbul; Our Return to the USA

We did so many things in Istanbul, and took so many pictures and movies, that putting them all on one album page would make that page unwieldy, and so, as I have done before, there will be a page for each day of our stay here in Turkey. At left is an index to these pages so that you can jump directly to the one that might interest you. Of course, you can also begin with the first page and go day by day through the entire trip.

Each day page will have a link that will bring you back here, where you will find the buttons that will enable you to continue through the photo album.