June 1-4, 2017: A Tour of Istanbul, Turkey
May 19-26, 2017: A Week in Berlin, Germany
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May 26 - June 1, 2017:
Visiting Jeffie in Prague, Czech Republic


One of the reasons Fred and I decided to go to Europe was that we could work in a visit with my niece, Jeffie Barbour, who now lives in Prague, Czech Republic. She's wanted us to visit for a long time, and this would be the ideal opportunity. So, on the day that Prudence, Nancy, Ron, and Karl left Berlin for home, we left Berlin for Prague. We stayed in Prague until the morning of June 1st, when we left for a few days in Istanbul, Turkey, before heading home ourselves.

Friday, May 26 Our Trip to Prague; Praha hlavní nádraží; Meeting Jeffie; Afternoon Walk in Prague; At Jeffie's Apartment
Saturday, May 27 Karlstein Castle; Troja Palace; Prague Botanical Garden; Prague Evening Walk
Sunday, May 28 The Bone Church; The Sedlec Cathedral; Wenceslas Square; Prague TV Tower; National Monument in Vitkov
Monday, May 29 Prague Castle; St. Vitus Cathedral; Climbing the Clock Tower; Prague Castle Gardens; Petrin Hill and Tower; The Carpathian Church
Tuesday, May 30 The Charles Bridge; The Mala Strana District; The Old Town; Hotel and Dinner
Wednesday, May 31 Vyšehrad Castle; The Church of Sts. Peter and Paul; The Vyšehrad Cemetery; The St. Agnes Convent and Garden; The Loreto; The Cernin Palace Gardens; An Evening with Jeffie

We did so many things in Prague, and took so many pictures and movies, that putting them all on one album page would make that page unwieldy, and so, as I have done before, there will be a page for each day of our stay in Prague. At left is an index to these pages so that you can jump directly to the one that might interest you. Of course, you can also begin with the first page and go day by day through the entire trip.

Each day page will have a link that will bring you back here, where you will find the buttons that will enable you to continue through the photo album.