November 23, 1996: My 50th Birthday Party
October 5-6, 1996: A Weekend Trip to the Wichita Mountains
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October 23-27, 1996
A Camping Trip to Big Bend National Park




This Fall, Fred has suggested that we do a camping trip to Big Bend, the National Park down on the Rio Grande in West Texas. This will be the second trip for the two of us to Big Bend, the last having been in 1993. We will leave in the evening on Wednesday, October 23rd, and return late on Sunday the 27th.


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We took quite a few pictures while on our trip to Big Bend, and I thought that putting them all on a single page would result in a page that would be way too large- and possibly take a long time to load. So I have organized the album pages for this trip so that there is a separate page for each day of the trip. Using the index below, you can jump directly to a specific day if you wish.

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Wednesday-Thursday, October 23-24
        Getting to West Texas
        Saragosa Springs
        McDonald Observatory
        Hiking the Davis Mountains

Friday, October 25
        The Lost Mine Trail/Casa Grande
        The Pinnacles Trail

Saturday, October 26
        The Grapevine Hills Trail
        The Chimneys Trail
        Santa Elena Canyon

Sunday, October 27
        Leaving the Chisos Basin
        The Caverns of Sonora