August 3, 2002: The Mathis-Nabors Birthdays
June 28-30, 2002: The Folk Life Festival in San Antonio
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July 6-14, 2002
Our Summer Trip to Colorado




Fred, who as usual gets high marks for planning, has been researching stops we might make for this year's Summer trip, which will be generally out West- mostly in Colorado. He has gotten the required vaction so that we can have a full week and two weekends. I don't start my new position with Data Junction until September, so everything is on track for the trip. Fred will be driving his Toyota RAV4, and we will camp when we can.

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We took a great many pictures and even some movies while on our trip out west. Fred's new digital camera has the ability to take short movie clips, and he will be trying it out. I've been looking into digital cameras myself, and thought I might have one for this trip, but the one I want won't be available until after we return, so for now I will stick with my Canon film camera. Since we did so many things and took so many pictures, I have organized this trip into an album page for each day of our trip. In the index below, you can jump directly to a specific day if you wish.

On the days that we did a number of different things, I have further organized these album pages into a section for each of them. Each activity will have a heading on that day's album page; the Index will tell you what the activities were that day should you care to find something specific. If you choose one of the date links, you will be positioned at the top of the album page for that date. There, you can use any navigation technique you wish to read the narrative and look at the pictures that interest you. Additionally, the top and bottom of each album page have links that you can use to navigate to a prior or subsequent day within the trip. There is also a link you can use to return to the Master Index below.

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Saturday-Sunday, July 6-7
        Driving to Colorado
        Calypso Cascades (RMNP)
        Alberta Falls (RMNP)

Monday, July 8
        Fall River Pass (CO)
        Milner Pass (CO)
        Adams Falls (CO)
        Craig (CO)

Tuesday, July 9
        Dinosaur NP Quarry (CO)
        Cub Creek Petroglyphs (CO)
        Cub Creek-Green River (CO)
        Jones Hole Hike

Wednesday, July 10
        Dinosaur National Monument (CO)
        Overlook Point (CO)
        Canon Pintado (CO)
        Colorado National Monument

Thursday, July 11
        Hanging Lake (CO)
        Spouting Rock (CO)
        Glenwood Caverns (CO)
        Biking Glenwood Canyon (CO)

Friday, July 12
        To Ouray, CO
        Box Canon Falls (CO)
        Shale Hill Hike (CO)

Saturday-Sunday, July 13-14
        Bear Creek Falls CO
        In Telluride (CO)
        Drive Through Ouray (CO)
        Red Mountain Pass (CO)
        Silverton (CO)
        Heading Home