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November 3-11, 2007
A Fall Trip to Georgia and North Carolina



Well, it's Fall again, and that usually means that Fred and I are embarking on a trip. We've already taken two, two-week trips this year; this week uses up the sick leave that Fred never takes advantage of. This time, we've planned a trip that will take us to Georgia and North Carolina, the purpose being to see my sister, my niece and nephew, and Fred's friend Joe Buchannan. For our own part, we plan to do some hiking in North Georgia and perhaps North Carolina, to visit Davidson, NC, so Fred can see my college campus and to visit Savannah, Georgia, a beautiful city that Fred has never seen. We haven't planned out a whole route, like we did for Glacier National Park two years ago, but have just formulated a general idea of where we want to go and who and what we want to see.

We will be flying to Atlanta, Georgia and renting a car there. Most of the trip will be a driving trip and we will be able to pick our destinations and plan our route on the fly. The only real schedule we had were the flights, and we made our flight home from Atlanta right on schedule, after a very pleasant trip. Aside from getting a bit lost near Charleston, South Carolina, there wasn't much that went wrong on this trip; everything seemed to fall into place nicely. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of the trip.


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Saturday, November 3
 Activities in Atlanta:
  Arrival at Jeffie's in Atlanta
  Neighborhood Walk with Michael
  Evening and Hotel


Sunday, November 4
 Activities in Atlanta:
  Michael's Soccer Game
  Stone Mountain
  Olympic Park
  Evening and Hotel


Monday, November 5
 Activities in North Georgia:
  Toccoa Falls
  Tallulah Gorge


Tuesday, November 6
 Activities in Asheville/Charlotte:
  The Biltmore Mansion
  The Biltmore Gardens
  The Biltmore Estate Grounds
  Visiting Davidson College
  Arriving at Ted's House

Wednesday, November 7
 Activities in Charlotte:
  Old House on Somerset Drive
  Freedom Park
  Charlotte Nature Museum
  At Ted's House
  Visiting Jenny Fallis
  Charlotte NC Downtown
  To Judy's House in Elon

Thursday, November 8
 Activities in Elon:
  The Alamance Battleground
  The Old Brick Church
  Judy's House

Friday, November 9
 Activities in Jacksonville:
  Driving to Jacksonville NC
  At Joe Buchanan's House
  Dinner and Hotel

Saturday, November 10
 Activities near Jacksonville:
  At Joe and Barbara's
  Walking the Beach
  New River Inlet
  Driving to Savannah
  Dinner and Hotel

Sunday, November 11
 Activities in Savannah/Macon:
  Tybee Island Drive
  Forsyth Park
  Savannah Homes
  Savannah Riverwalk
  Driving to Macon, GA
  Okmulgee National Monument
  Leaving for Home