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June 17-26, 2005
A Visit with Greg in Palm Springs




As I've probably already mentioned, Greg Grosh has moved from Austin to Palm Springs, California. Now that he isn't doing any work for Pervasive, there was really nothing keeping him in Austin, so he thought that the mecca of Palm Springs might be just the ticket. Earlier in this album, you've seen the pictures I took when I was out here last November helping Greg look at homes. While he didn't buy the house I thought he would, the one he got was certainly a stunner.

Greg has been after Fred and I to come out and visit, so we decided to use our summer vacation to finally make the trip. Unlike most of our other trips (except the ones to Florida), all I needed to do was arrange for the airfare- we'd be staying with Greg and using one of his cars as necessary. That made it easy.

Anyway, we got all the plans in place, and on the evening of Friday, the 17th of June, Fred and I hopped a plane for Palm Springs.

Coming back on Sunday, June 26th, we collected our car from long-term parking and were home in time for dinner. It was a really great trip, and I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of it.


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Saturday, June 18
          At Greg's House
          Taquitz Canyon Hike
          Bob Hope House Hike


Sunday, June 19
          Bear Creek Canyon Hike
          Museum Trail Hike


Monday, June 20
          At Greg's House
          At the Paseo
          At Greg's House
          Palm Springs Tramway
          At Greg's House


Tuesday, June 21
          Murray Canyon Hike
          Andreas Canyon Hike
          Palm Canyon Hike
          Dinner at Greg's


Wednesday, June 22
          A Trip to Disneyland


Thursday, June 23
          Slot Canyons Hike
          Evening Hills Hike

Friday, June 24
          To Idyllwild, CA
          Devil's Slide Hike
          Back to Palm Springs


Saturday, June 25
          Trip to Big Bear Lake
          Museum Trail Hike


Sunday, June 26
          At Greg's House
          Palm Springs to Dallas