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November 5-11, 2005
Our Trip to Hawaii




In November, Fred and I did something I've been wanting to do for years- take a trip to Hawaii. We'd begun planning the trip back in the summer, and I had made all the arrangements for the two of us to Oahu and the Big Island. One evening when we were at Ron Mathis' house, I mentioned to him what we were planning and just a few days later he called to inquire whether we would mind if he and Jay accompanied us on the trip.

I checked with Fred and he thought that would be fine, so I helped Ron make reservations at the same hotels and on the same inter-island flights as we had. It took some doing, but we were able to get them. But the flights to and from Hawaii were a problem; there were no more cheap fares on the flights for which I was using airline miles. So Ron and Jay made their own reservations on a different airline through San Francisco. They planned to spend a day there on the way out and back, so it worked out fine for them.

Anyway, we got all the plans in place, and on the 4th of November Ron and Jay left for San Francisco, and on the 5th Fred and I left for Honolulu. If all went well, Ron and Jay would get to Honolulu about an hour before us, and that is indeed what happened. For most of the trip, we shared the same rental car, although Ron and Jay got one of their own on the Big Island because they wanted us to be free to do our own hiking and stuff.

Coming back on November 11th, Ron and Jay left about four hours before we did, spent a day in San Francisco, and arrived home a day after us. So it all worked out OK, and the trip itself was really, really great.


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Saturday, November 5
    Activities on Oahu:
        Arrival in Honolulu
        The Ohana Islander Hotel
        The Punchbowl
        The Puu Ualakaa Overlook
        Waikiki at Night


Sunday, November 6
    Activities on Oahu:
        Diamond Head Lighthouse
        Diamondhead Crater
        Lunch at Kahala
        Koko Head
        An Island Circuit

Monday, November 7
    Activities on Oahu:
        The Arizona Memorial
        Waikiki Beach
        Germaine's Luau


Tuesday, November 8
    Activities on Hawaii:
        To the Big Island
        Black Sand Beach
        Big Island Drive
        Petroglyphs and Sunset


Wednesday, November 9
    Activities in Volcanoes NP:
        Crater Rim Drive
        Thurston Lava Tube
        Kilauea Iki Crater Hike
        Night Lava Viewing

Thursday, November 10
    Activities on Hawaii:
        Waterfalls Coast Drive
        Hawaii Botanical Garden
        Akaka Falls
        Laupahoehoe Point
        Rainbow Falls
        Waikiki Gateway Hotel


Friday, November 11
    Activities on Oahu:
        Waikiki Gateway
        Kailua Beach Park
        Maunawili Falls Hike
        Pali Lookout
        Waikiki Gateway
        The Windward Coast
        Leaving for Home