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July 14-22, 2007
Our Summer Trip to New Mexico and Colorado



Well, it's July again, and that usually means that Fred and I are embarking on a Summer trip. This time, we've planned to camp and hike in New Mexico and Colorado. We haven't planned out a whole route, like we did for Glacier National Park last year, but have just formulated a general idea of where we want to go and what we want to see.

This will be a driving trip and, since we took Fred's RAV4 to Glacier last year, it is my turn to take the Elantra for this trip. We left from Fred's house in Van Alstyne on Saturday morning, July 14, heading west to our first camping destination at Manzano Mountain State Park southeast of Albuerqueque, New Mexico.

We returned from Raton, New Mexico, on Sunday evening, July 22, after a really great trip (that was not without its disappointments and successes). Even so, it was a really great trip, and we hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of it.


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Saturday, July 14
 Activities: Eastern New Mexico
  The Drive to New Mexico
  Victory Alpaca Ranch
  Mora, NM


Sunday, July 15
 Activities near Santa Fe:
  Las Vegas, NM
  Rio Grande Dam
  Tent Rocks Canyon SP
  Hike at Ski Santa Fe


Monday, July 16
 Activities in Santa Fe/Taos:
  Walking Canyon Road
  Loretto Chapel
  Walking Santa Fe
  Nambe Falls
  Drive to Wild Rivers
  Hike to Rio Grande

Tuesday, July 17
 Activities across New Mexico:
  Rio Grande Gorge
  Carson NF
  Piedra Falls

Wednesday, July 18
 Activities near Pagosa Springs:
  Chimney Rock
  Pagosa Springs
  Silver Falls
  Treasure Falls
  Buffalo Pass Campground

Thursday, July 19
 Activities in central Colorado:
  To Monarch Pass
  Monarch Pass
  To Aspen Campground
  Independence Townsite
  Roaring Gap

Friday, July 20
 Activities: Aspen to Keystone
  Aspen, CO
  Glenwood Springs, CO
  Driving I-70
  Bighorn Creek Trail
  Keystone, CO


Saturday, July 21
 Activities near Breckenridge:
  Continental Falls
  To Raton, NM


Sunday, July 22
 Activities near Raton, NM:
  Folsom Falls
  Capulin Volcano